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Med-Tech Training



Many states have developed standards for the home health aide to assist medically stable patients with the self-administration for medications.  Before the home health aide can assist the patient with self-administration, it is necessary to understand his or her responsibilities with this procedure.


In Part-One of this program, we will explain and demonstrate the proper procedure for assisting with self administration of medications and how the home health aide will be assisting with this procedure.  We will also review the medication and how the home health aide will not be permitted to assist with and discuss the responsibility of the home health nurse in initiating this procedure.


In Part-Two of this program, the various methods of medication administration, such as oral, topical, eye drops, etc. will be demonstrated.  Also included in Part-Two will be examples of medication administration records and how the home health aide will use these important documents.  (Video running time: 50 minutes (4 contact hours), including learning guide.)





At the completion of this program, the participant will be able to:


 • Demonstrate the proper procedure for assisting the

    self-administration of medications.

 • Describe the proper contents of a pharmacy label.

 • Describe the different types of medications and over the counter


 • Explain the difference between prescribed medications and over

    the counter medications.

 • Discuss what a prn medication is and how it must be ordered.

 • Describe side effects, adverse reactions and reportable problems

    associated with medications.

 • Discuss the importance of an informed consent and who can sign.

 • Discuss medications not included in assisting with

    self-administration of medications.

 • Explain the principles of recording on the patient’s medication

    administration record.

Med Tech program not under purview of CIE.

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