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Home Health Aide 75


Our HHA Course prepares you to work one-on-one with patients in the home setting. This 75 hour course is a blend of home and classroom study. Become a Home Health Aide in as little as two weeks.


Cost - $550


Includes certifications in HIPAA, Domestic Violence, Abuse & Neglect, HIV/AIDS, Patient Rights and Alzheimer's Disease




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Day 1: Orientation Dress Code, School Policies, Communication, Observation and Mandatory Reporting for the Home Health Aide, Chapter 1 in HHA Handbook.


Day 2: Physical comfort and safety functions of the Home Health Aide, half of Chapter 2 in HHA Handbook, DVD1 Basic Skills for Home Care Aides


Day 3: Home Study: Continuing Education in HIPAA, Domestic Violence, Patient Rights, Abuse and Neglect, and Alzheimer’s Disease


Day 4: DVD2 Basic Skills for Home Care Aides, second half of Chapter 2 in HHA Handbook, Ethical and legal issues and responsibilities for the Home Health Aide


Day 5: The basic of Infection control and HIV/AIDS with concentration on the Home Health Aide:  4 hours of HIV/AIDS and 2 hours of infection control; plus take-home exam


Day 6: Chapters 3-4 Home Health Aide Handbook, DVD3, The basics of nutrition specific to the Home Health Aide


Day 7: Case Studies


Day 8: Documentation, DVD4


Day 9: Florida home health agency and nurse registry standards, Chapter 5 in HHA Handbook


Day 10: Chapters 7-8 in HHA Handbook


Day 11: DVDS, Review of what you’ve learned so far


Day 12: Practical Application


Day 13: Demonstration of hands on practical skills, blood pressure recording, pulse, range of motion, and transfers


Day 14: Final Exam

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